Published Articles

The following are articles that I have published in the University News, the student newspaper at Saint Louis University.

Articles for the Religion section:

1. A profile on Dr. Luke Yarbrough, a SLU history professor.

2. This is an article on a Jewish and Muslim-organized day of service that happened in Saint Louis on Christmas Day.

3. A professor from SLU Madrid speaks about her archaeology exhibition in the Holy Land

4. A Jewish New Testament professor from Vanderbilt talks about her latest publication and inter-faith relations 

5. Pope Benedict’s resignation (co-written with the Religion Section Editor).

Articles for the Sports section

1. A profile of Miguel Flores, a highly talented and recruited SLU tennis player

2. A profile of Taylor Streid, a Senior on the women’s swimming and diving team.

3.  A commentary on MLB’s new wild card system

4. A run-down of a softball double-header

5. Summaries of volleyball matches

6. Summaries of swimming and diving meets

The A10 Conference Championships

7. A recap of a women’s basketball game


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