The 10 professionals in my field that I follow on Twitter.

I recently got a Twitter account for school/business purposes. There should then be no surprise in the fact that a large percentage of people I follow are people I look up to professionally. Here are ten specific ones.

1. Buster Olney

-Buster Olney is a sportswriter for ESPN The Magazine and He has provided quality writing for a long time and is active on Twitter, plus he focuses on baseball.

2. Bernie Miklasz

-Bernie is the Saint Louis equivalent of Buster Olney. He writes for the Post-Dispatch and hosts a radio show. These are both things that I am interested in doing.

3. Tim Kurkjian

-He is another baseball writer for ESPN. He writes for baseball specifically. He also is a frequent guest on radio shows and breaks trade news on Twitter.

4. Dr. Dan Kozlowski

-SLU Prof with a background in Journalism. Ten to 15 years down the road, I most likely see myself doing what he does now.

5. Dr. Lisa Nakamura

-A communication researcher specializing in online gaming communication. Dr. Nakamura’s work has come up in three of my classes so far. Her research involves the ever-growing and evolving field of online communication.

6. Joe Strauss

-He is a sportswriter for the STL Post-Dispatch

7. Jayson Stark

-Another ESPN baseball writer. He often throws out trivia questions, something I really like.

8. Peter King

-A longtime football writer for Sports Illustrated.

9. Peter Gammons

-Formerly a baseball writer for ESPN, he now works for (Major League Baseball). He is older than the other writers in the group and has better historical perspective.

10. Tim McKernan

-He is a local media personality that hosts a sports talk show and runs his own website. His website is one of the most popular STL-specific sites and appeals to much more than just sports fans. He frequently engages followers about a variety of topics.


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