The Future of News

As we all know, the way humans take in and use news is changing very quickly. As one who is interested in both the presentation of news and the way we consume it, I have a few thoughts on where news is headed in the future (besides the obvious one, online).

The first thing to keep in mind is that news is absolutely everywhere and not terribly hard to find if you know what you want and what to look for. However, there is so much news out there that one cannot possibly consume all of it. Ideally the individual would like to consume the news that matters most to him, but how does he decide that? More and more, news sources are becoming, and will become, hubs for the most important of news. They are really acting as trusted deciders of what news is important news and how we should view that news. Heidi Moore calls this presentation ’emphasis’. She talks about how scoops are less and less important given everyone’s access to news, but a site’s presentation of the news is what really matters. Sarah Marshall calls this new role of journalists, ‘Managers of Information’. If you know your Comm Theory, you might remember Agenda-Setting Theory. Unlike the olden times when there were only three TV channels, a sprinkling of radio stations, and not internet, the media cannot firmly control your access to information. What they can do is try to decide for you what news is important. That, I think, is part of the reason why there are such extreme views on things like cable news stations. MSNBC caters to a liberal audience because what they deem as important news matches up with their audience (and vice versa for Fox News). What I hope is that future news hubs will not follow party lines like these two networks have.



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