A Real-Life Example of Multi-Platform Journalism

For this post I am going to talk about an example that I’ve seen of Multi-Platform Journalism in use. The project is called: Discipline and the Performance of Punishment: Welcome to “The Wildest Show in the South”. The author is one of my teachers at Saint Louis University, Dr. Mary Gould. Her work details a prison in Louisiana. Every year this prison hosts a rodeo and craft fair in which the prisoners compete and also make items to be sold. Gould opens with a video, then an introduction. The video is nice because it introduces the topic and prepares the viewer/reader for the experience. The introduction connects with the reader because it has pictures that represent the author’s physical journey to the prison. The main part of the article is a series of sections. Each article section represents a different physical part of the craft fair and rodeo. The reader is able to chose which sections to read and once he does, he is able to see even more pictures and/or video of that specific area.

This project as a whole goes a long way toward engaging the reader and grabbing his attention, which is becoming harder and harder to do with traditional print media. I think it is good example of Multi-platform Journalism.


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